• Can I make any changes to my order?
    Yes, any changes can be made up to two (2) weeks before the wedding or event date. After that, the order is final.
  • Can we have more than one kind of cake?
    Yes, you may have up to three (3) different kinds. Add an additional $10 for additional flavors. Please see the flavors tab to view the list of cake flavors, fillings and frosting choices.
  • Do you sell cake toppers?
    No, but we can give you a list of places where you can purchase cake toppers.
  • Can I get string pearls on the sides of the cake?
    Yes, for an additional $10.
  • Can you match my wedding or event colors for decorations on the cake?
    Yes. Please bring in a photo, or sample that of your wedding colors. We will make every possible effort to match the color of your cake decorations to your wedding or event color, but it may not be a perfect match and cannot be guaranteed.
  • How can I get flowers on the cake?
    You have 2 main options for adding flowers to your cake:
    1. I can make frosting flowers that are edible. There is no cost for a few of them, but depending on how many flowers will determine if there is a charge.
    2. You can get fresh or silk flowers from your florist. Either the florist or I can put the flowers on the cake.


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