Your Options for Pain Management: The Best Deal

To alleviate back pains we can turn to the wide range of over-the-counter medications, to choose from with the help of the pharmacist. But if the pain persists it is good to seek medical attention.Hands up who, at least once in their life, did not suffer from back pain, only in Italy as many as 15 million people are affected.

A disorder whose origin can be various causes, many of which, like incorrect postures, a cold shot or small traumas, can be treated with some simple tricks.

In these cases, in addition to changing incorrect lifestyles, we will still be able to resolve the pain with drugs that can be purchased without a prescription. But if the pain reappears or lasts without decreasing for a couple of days it is necessary to seek medical attention. For proper Pain mangement this is a very important matter.

Over-the-counter drugs

Let us entrust ourselves first of all to the advice of the pharmacist, who will be able to help us choose the most suitable medicine for the contingent case.

  • In most situations we may recommend a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (Fans), such as naproxen, ibuprofen, ketoprofen, diclofenac, or acetylsalicylic acid or paracetamol.
  • Once the most suitable anti-inflammatory has been identified (their effect varies from person to person) you can choose between different formulations:
  • There are so many formulations and we can choose the most suitable for our needs, including swallowable tablets, granulates that dissolve in water it is important to remember that oral formulations should always be taken on a full stomach.

There are also medicated plasters to be applied to the skin that release the active ingredient for 6-8 hours, and finally topical formulations such as creams and gels that should be spread directly on the part affected by the pain.

Anti-inflammatory drugs for topical use, such as those based on ibuprofen, ketoprofen and diclofenac, are widely used for back pain, they are easily absorbed on the painful area and have an excellent safety profile since they have no systemic effects.

Prescription drugs

When the pain is particularly strong and lasts without any improvement for more than 24-48 hours it is necessary to go to the doctor who will be able to prescribe a more powerful drug aimed at the type of back pain described.

If you live with inflammatory back pain, you can alleviate the ailments resulting from it by changing your lifestyle and making minor adjustments to reduce your sense of frustration. However, some tips are also valid for short and long-term mechanical back pain.

Daily Life

We take many of our daily activities, such as sleeping, driving and shopping, for granted. You can reduce the daily impact on these activities induced by inflammatory back pain with the following tips:

  • On long car trips, take regular breaks for walking and stretching.
  • Shop online to avoid having to carry shopping bags.
  • Be advised of simple stretching exercises and any back support by the physiotherapist or by the treating physician.