Discovering the Best Options for the Perfect Cakes


The wedding cakes by Erika, or wedding cake are the highlight of the meal following the ceremony. Here is how not to be wrong.The cake is simply the centerpiece of a wedding, the final note that will be remembered many years later. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of the professionals because they know perfectly the errors not to commit. Above all, do not forget that a wedding meal is often plentiful and that one should not have eyes bigger than the belly. Here are some ways to choose your wedding cake.

What kind of cake?

The majority of pastry chefs offers various kinds of cakes and mounted pieces. The most difficult thing is to choose. “In general, I first direct my clients on a festive piece,” emphasizes Stephaney Glacier, “and then, to complete, I offer them one or more half-cake and playful petitesfours. Sometimes we eat so much at a wedding that two sweet bites may be enough. “

  • As far as perfumes are concerned, it is often better to stop at classic associations that have proved their worth and will delight most guests: vanilla-strawberry or raspberry, caramel-hazelnut or vanilla-chocolate. The more adventurous will of course be able to choose more original flavors.
  • If the cake must be pretty, do not forget to make before any pleasure taste. To be sure of your choice, order a test cake for two or four people to taste before you make your decision. You can obviously discuss the shape of the cake (round, square, heart-shaped, unstructured) and its color (white, pink, etc.), especially if you have planned a specific theme for your wedding.
  • As for the decoration, you have the choice between the very classic figurines of couples of married (standing, sitting, with or without heart), flowers (in sugar paste or in natural flowers), ribbons, not to mention the fireworks and other sparklers. Last important point to do with your pastry chef is the exact plan of cutting your cake to be safe from a last minute odd. Flexible Packaging Solutions

Which pastry chef to choose?

If you use a caterer, it often works in association with a pastry chef for the sweet. It’s up to you to check if it suits you. You can also choose a craftsman you know and trust. For specific requests, there are cake design specialists who can be interesting especially when you have an idea that is out of the ordinary.

What size?

It is important not to think in terms of height or layers of cake because it is the number of guests that will define the size of the wedding cake. For a more spectacular aspect, pastry chefs can also “inflate” the volumes by providing a cake where the first two or three floors will be fake and the other components of the wedding cake itself.

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